I specialize in websites for small business and non profits. I can code from scratch and make a beautiful site from a white page. I switched my sites to WordPress because it is easy for the client to change content having no web design skills, having more control of their own web space.


This was my very first website, I started it around 1998ish and it has morphed and changed to what you see today. I moved it to WordPress Multi Site in February 2013 with a completely custom theme.


This WordPress site is for a general contractor. It has a custom theme and integrated links to a remote job management database.


This WordPress site is part of my multi-site and will be the home of my database and plugin listed below. It is a child theme of Forever By Automattic.


My first WordPress site, I inherited the website, originally written in HTML & frames, and redesigned it starting a template donated by a band member. I started the site you see in SHTML, re-wrote it in PHP, then installed WordPress and retrofitted the design into a theme. The back end has several member’s only tools replacing an old laptop we used to pass around.


This WordPress site is one of my sites. I needed a quick set up for, using the theme Desk Mess Mirrored by Edward Caissie and customizing a couple areas I was able to put a nice site together and can go back and make a custom site later.


This WordPress Website is for a popular Wyoming Hunting & Fishing Outfitter. The owner was looking for something that was easy to work with between back-country trips. The theme is a Child Theme of DailyPost by wplook. In this child theme the graphics and colors were replaced to fit the look and feel of the business.


This is my personal site, I’ve changed it several times over the years using it for a testing site. In early 2014 I moved all of my blog-type content from various sites to this one and made it a dedicated place for my blogs.

troop268Troop 268

This was one of my earlier sites for a local BSA Troop. It was written in SHTML. The site no longer exists.

Delphi Themes

Delphi Forums is an interest based networking site to share and communicate online with friends, colleagues, groups, and teams. It started as a nationwide dialup service in 1983. , claiming 4 million registered members and more than 8,000 active Forums. Delphi Plus members can use CSS (Custom Style Sheets) to customize their forum’s look. These are the forums I host and designed themes for.


The Azusa Connection

I made this theme to include all people with an connection to Azusa California instead of just alumni.



I designed this theme to match my website and music library database.


Prepared Living

This theme design was a think out if the box design for a friend in need of a fresh look.


Teton Trekker’s Electric Bivouac

This custom theme is for my forum with my own wacky ideas for a look.

WordPress Plugins

After hours of searching and testing WordPress plugins for a perfect way to store a music library database I finally decided to write my own program. It is currently integrated with WordPress, when the functions are working it will be switched to a plug in and ready for testing.

Live inScoreOrder Library

Screenshot 2014-08-17 13.33.07